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Floor Vinyl Cleaning


Cleaning equipment and supplies.

All equipment and supplies will be supplied by our Maintenance Department.

Time of

Services shall be performed between the hours of 6pm – and 7am. so as not to interfere with your business routine.

  1. Control floor appearance by vacuuming and sweeping.
  2. Mop hard surface floors.
  3. Dust and clean horizontal surfaces (cleared surfaces of desks, chair, tables, filing cabinets, furniture, and unobstructed work areas).
  4. Sanitize telephones.
  5. Waste paper and ashtrays etc., shall be emptied daily. Waste paper shall be placed in designated location as specified by you.  Ash trays wiped clean and waste paper container liners renewed as required.
  6. Remove smudges around doorjambs, push plates, light switches, glass partitions , counters and unobstructed work areas.
  7. sanitize and polish all water fountains.
  8. Restrooms: Thoroughly clean and mop with organic germicide. Clean mirrors, partitions, urinals, toilets and sinks using Organic disinfectant/detergents. Refilling of soap and paper products will be performed with supplies by us.
  9. Remove soil on entrance doorframes, handles, glass and threshold.
  10. Sweep surface of immediate exterior entry areas.
  11. Leave offices and furniture in neat orderly fashion.
  12. Report any unusual occurrences, malfunctions or damages.

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